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SYNC - 3Zero 2x2 Micro Chest Rig

Product Details

3ZERO 2X2 Micro Chest rig comes with 2 Scorpion rifle and 2 Scorpion pistol magazine carriers and the option to add the Multi Use Suspension Pouch.

 New SYNC Series 3 Zero Micro Chest Rig  


SYNC Series Micro Chest Rig is uniquely suited for low visibility operations or situations requiring rapid force escalation. Highly portable and able to be quickly donned, the 3ZERO Micro Chest Rig can be configured for a wide variety of mission requirements and working environments.

Laser cut for precision, offering 5 rows and 6 columns of MOLLE interface, the 3ZERO is perfect for ammo sourcing, com gear, med kits or general-purpose load outs. Features enable load balancing, position adjustment and long wear comfort. Laminated and stitched construction offers an excellent blend of high strength, low weight, and durability in any environment. All materials are “best quality” and US sourced. Each 3 Zero Micro Chest Rig comes complete with low profile fully adjustable harness.

Combine your 3ZERO with the all-new SYNC Series Multi Use Suspension Pouch for added capacity of key components.

Versatility and reliability of G-Code gear is unmatched.