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GCODE Shadow Eclipse

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G-CODE Shadow Eclipse holster

The G-CODE Shadow ECLIPSE holster is a Weapon Light capable IWB holster system. Single clip, mid-line carry, offers enhanced placement of the mount so as to take full advantage of the rigs natural center of gravity. Inherent are adjustments in the depth of carry, angle of carry and the position of carry. Adjustments are supported via the unique modular mounting point of the holster. Introduced here is the patent pending Super MoJo adaptor that is used both to place the clip in the correct orientation and to provide multiple angle adjustments. The mounting clip Incorporates a patent pending negative angle designed to force the holster closer to the body. This improves the conceal-ability of the holster without increasing the bulk and supports a higher positional carry without compromise to the security of the holster during use. This facilitates faster weapon presentations from deep cover. 

The G-CODE Shadow Eclipse is a minimum bulk, multi-positional, concealment holster. Distinctive features enhance the carry of your handgun from a variety of carry positions, allowing a full firing grip on the weapon prior to the draw. Combined, these features maximize function respective to the users: body type, deployment tactics, level of training, and personal preferences. 

- Additional Clips of various lengths are available

- NOTE: All of our holsters have a sight channel to accommodate suppressor height sights. However, the sights cannot exceed .375 of an inch tall from the slide. 

- 100% Made in USA

- Veteran Owned and Operated

The Shadow Eclipse Holster supports a range guns with precision fit: