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Sync Series Assaulter's Plate Carrier

Product Details


SYNC Series

Assaulter Plate Carrier (APC)  

Plate Carrier Plate Sizes:

Small - Built to fit SAPI 8.75" x 11.75" cuts, up to 1" Thick

Medium - Built to fit SAPI, ESAPI and 10" x 12" cuts, up to 1" Thick

Large - Built to fit SAPI, ESAPI and 10.125" x 13.25" cuts, up to 1" Thick

Extra Large - Built to fit SAPI, ESAPI and 11" x 12" cuts, up to 1" Thick


Lightweight, rugged construction and slim silhouette enables the operator to move naturally in active environments. 

Single yoke construction with the plate on top provides full stability, comfort and zero obstruction with the buttstock when shouldering the weapon. 

Superior ventilation between the operators' body and the plate is achieved through an enhanced airflow channel that improves circulation and moisture wicking. 

“…comfort is off the charts.”

A “design first,” the APC places cable management channels on either side of both plate bags. With these channels cable organization is unmatched allowing all elements to be routed internally. 

“Secure, low-profile, and snag resistant.”

Interchangeable placard interface makes this system multi-mission adaptable. Quickly change out any G-Code or other placard. 

Full-surface laser cut MOLLE on the rear plate bag enhances modularity and load carriage. 

APC MOLLE Cummerbund provides the ideal combination of rigidity for load management, and the flexibility necessary for dynamic movement. An integrated stretch limiter prevents overstressing of the elastic flex material ensuring long life and superior strength under extreme use. 

Maritime capable DOFF system is designed to lay flat against the armor allowing rapid release via the shoulder straps and cummerbund. 

“G-Code’s legendary quality throughout.”

Over 2 years in development, the Assaulter Plate Carrier project evolved multiple times. Consulting with and relying heavily on the direct feedback of veteran members in the SF community, the APC was created.  


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