We Are G-Code®

G-Code® Holsters and Accessories are produced by Edge-Works Manufacturing Company®

"At Edge-Works Manufacturing Company® we have no interest in slick marketing schemes. Our focus as been, and will always be, in providing real solutions to our customers through innovation and uncompromising quality. This is why all our products are 100% made in the USA and backed with a Limited Lifetime Factory Warranty. Our competitors call it crazy, our customers call it confidence, but we see it as our rightful commitment to those who have put their trust in us." - Scott V. Evans, Director of Operations

Why Choose G-Code®?

Quality is the Difference.

Quality Fit

We believe, “fit is foundational to function.” The better a holster fits a weapon, the better the rig will perform. G-Code® fit is second to none.

Quality Innovation

An industry leader since 1997, we use high-tech CAD/CAM processes to develop highly efficient and unique methods of manufacturing. These methods yield a high level of precision and repeatability in production.

At G-Code®, we lead the pack in unique, patent pending features:

  • Pro-Safe Tensioning
  • Modular System Integration
  • Self Powered Tactical Release Mechanism
  • Interchangeable Cowling System
  • MOLLE Attachment Systems (CLAW and H-MAR)
  • Rapid Transition Interface or RTI® System

Quality Features

All of our holsters incorporate unique features such as:

  • Superior Weapon to Rig Fit
  • “Pro-Safe” Tensioning
  • Strategically Engineered Slip Channels
  • Shirt/Sweat Guards
  • Unimpeded “Firing Grip” on the Draw
  • Geometrically Engineered Strength

Quality Construction

All G-Code® products are constructed using only the best quality materials, with all edges buffed and polished, and hardware items hard coated to resist wear and environmental damage. All Kydex components are also precision molded. At G-Code®, we are PROUD to say EVERY component is 100% American made.

Quality Performance

With G-Code® holsters, presentations are smooth, solid, and clean. Precision fit enables a crisp, clean break on the draw and a secure, no rattle carry. Confidence in carry and speed in presentations is the ultimate goal. All of our products are designed for REAL WORLD use by genuine operators. No fluff, no hype –just solid performance.

Quality Convenience

G-Code® is the FIRST and ONLY all modular system. Our holsters are completely interchangeable with an entire family of components. Change between a variety of paddles and belt-slides, or switch between drop leg mounts and tactical vest carry. We take a lot of pride in delivering a product that meets our user’s specific needs.

Quality Service

All G-Code® products are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If ANY G-Code® holster fails for ANY reason, Edge-Works Manufacturing® will repair or replace the holster – FREE of charge. It’s that simple.