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Syncron OWB

Product Details

The mission adaptable Syncron Holster is a precision built, functionally superb carry solution with unmatched excellence. 

Syncron’s Outside the Waistband (OWB) Holster bridge mounting solution provides an unmatched OWB concealed carry experience. Using superior materials to create a foundation of stable mobility and deliver a secure, low profile, carry that moves with you. 

OWB holsters are designed to be worn on the outside of the belt, typically attached to the belt through loops or clips. These holsters are positioned on the outer side of your pants, making the firearm easily accessible. OWB holsters are known for providing a comfortable and quick draw, and they are often preferred by those who don't mind having the firearm openly visible on their hip. They are commonly used by law enforcement, military personnel, and civilians for both concealed and open carry.

“Comfort is over the top…” is common feedback we hear about the Syncron OWB. It is because the semi flexible bridge pulls the rig tight to your body and holds for maximum concealment, especially in active environments. Plus, ergonomic design supports the intuitive acquisition of the firing grip with clean, solid presentations at speed. The profile geometry is specifically designed to distill the rig's silhouette which significantly reduces visual signatures. 


  • Ruggedized miniature reflex (RMR) ready 

  • Tension adjustable 

The Syncron OWB supports and is compatible with a range of guns with a precision fit. 

Click on each holster category to open and view the the guns that are supported:


All of our holsters have a sight channel to accommodate suppressor height sights. However, the sights cannot exceed .375 of an inch tall from the slide. 

G-Code always provides a lifetime warranty.