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SYNC Assaulter's Radio Pouch

Product Details

SYNC Assaulter's Radio Pouch:

-Designed around AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152, and AN/PRC-163.

-Can be used with both 3ZERO/4ZERO Chest Rigs as well as APC and CPC Plate Carriers.

-Able to quickly Don/Doff radio pouch using the Hook & Loop attachments.

-Front mounted “Wing” attachment point allows the pouch to sit tightly against the body eliminating snag potentials.

-Side slits allow for Chest Rig H-Harness to weave through and keeps straps centered and in place.

-When mounted to APC/CPC Plate Carriers, the cummerbund keeps the radio pouch secure and tight to the operator while still allowing full use of the MOLLE/PALS systems.

-Side holes allow weaving of shockcord for attaching additional gear or components.

-Shockcord also allows for tightening of the pouch to fit slimmer radios.

-Top mounted retention attachment secures radio while allowing quick access to the radio.