Raider Knives® MHU *LIMITED EDITION* - Knives - holsters and tactical equipment

Product Details

Limited edition "Raider Knives®"

We have a very limited number of MHU Series knives on hand. This is a "first come first serve" special offering of this limited edition item.

Our "Raider Knives®" are premium quality, serious user tools. They are precision made in very small batches here at Edge-Works Manufacturing Company with high attention given to every detail. Only the best combination of materials are used.

MHU Series (Military Hard Use)

The MHU is designed for tactical environments and rugged conditions. Made from 1/4" stock the blade grind enables a razor sharp cutting edge while retaining mass and structure for overall strength. The Tanto style point also enhances performance via superior piercing qualities. Much design time went into every feature to insure proper balance and control. Though a heavy use implement, the combined features of blade profile and handle geometry have yielded a weapon that is secure yet lively in the hand whether slicing, chopping, or piercing. These MHU knives are made using CPM 3V high carbon steel developed by the Crucible and their Particle Metallurgy process. CPM 3V is an extreme high strength, wear-resistant tool steel particularly suited for severe use environments. It offers edge retention, impact and chip resistance greater than A2, O-1 or D2. For the handle scales, G-10 was selected as it offers superior properties. The importance in the way the human hand indexes with the weapon can not be understated particularly with something a personal as a knife.

Sheath System

The MHU Sheath system is form fitted Kydex with a "Tactical Fuzz" layering inside and out. The inner lining provides a silent draw while the outer layer reduced noise and any reflective signature. The tri-tone coloring is completely unique in this ambidextrous carry platform. The tension screw enables full adjustment for proper custody in your mission environment. As with all our items function dictates form. Still, when combined together with the knife, the overall effect seems to be as much fine art as that of sound engineering.

As this is a limited production small batch offering supplies are limited. Also; handle material and coloring will vary slightly from knife to knife.

Note: CPM 3V is superior in strength to ANY stainless steel. High carbon steel however, can rust. You must maintain your knife just as you would your firearm. From time to time check it, clean it, oil it and when not in use store it properly.