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Product Details

The G-Code MULE® is an ISS Carry Platform (Intermediate Suspension System) intended to bridge the gap between traditional belt and thigh transport options. It Rides Higher than a Drop Leg System and Lower than a Duty Mount. It gives the user total security of the weapon platform with the addition of a leg strap, but flexibility with the nylon down strap. Various Belt Attachment Methods are available for the MULE®.
1) Standard Down Strap
2) REAC Down Strap
3) RTI® Down Strap
These straps are also available for sale individually on our accessories page.

The GCA77 - MULE® ISS CARRY PLATFORM comes in a variety of colors, including:
  • Brushed Aluminum RTI Hanger
  • Black Anodized RTI Hanger
  • Reac Clip
  • Nylon Belt Loop