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GCA200 - RTI® Optimal Drop Pistol Platform

Product Details

STATIC GRIP® Mounting Accessory! 

RTI® Optimal Drop pistol platform fits belts up to 2 Inches. Heavy Duty RTI® Tactical Belt Mount. Inner hook lining to provide a solid non-shifting mount when used in conjunction with a loop lined tactical belt. This allows perfect placement for your holster or other gear.

NOTE: If you order the GCA200 without the RTI® wheel and then decide you want to add one later, you will need KIT_13 to secure the RTI® wheel to the GCA200 mount.

Note: The Standard (No RTI) version comes with mounting hardware for OSH and OSL style Holsters.

The GCA200 - RTI® Optimal Drop Pistol Platform comes in a variety of colors, including:
  • Black
  • Green
  • Coyote
  • Grey
  • Multicam