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Flex Bridge Mounting System

Product Details

Syncron’s Flex Bridge Mounting System provides an unmatched On the Waistband (OWB) concealed carry experience. 

Using superior materials, a foundation of stable mobility is created, delivering a secure, low profile, carry that moves with you. 

“Comfort is over the top…” is common feedback we regularly receive on the Syncron OWB Holsters using the Flex Bridge Mounting System.

As the semi flexible bridge pulls the rig tight to your body it holds for maximum concealment, especially in active environments. Ergonomic design supports the intuitive acquisition of the firing grip with clean, solid presentations at speed. The profile geometry specifically designed to distill the rig's silhouette significantly reduces visual signatures.

The Flex Bridge Mounting System is easily detachable, allowing the holster to be paired with any alternative G-Code mounting platform. The bridge-mounting system comprises a polymer front mounting buckle and a rubberized rear buckle, serving a dual purpose: ensuring the firearm remains as low-profile as possible against the wearer and flexing seamlessly with the wearer in dynamic environments.

The Flex Bridge Mounting System is offered in a these colors options:

  • Black

  • Coyote Tan

  • OD Green

G-Code always provides a lifetime warranty.