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Active Response / Shooter Belts 1.75

Product Details

G-Code Active Response / Shooter Belts ( One Part Belt, No inner Belt included )

Double layered, laminated, high strength Mil-spec nylon webbing, triple stitched for rigidity and long life. Cobra Buckle system is unmatched for strength and efficiency. G-Code Active Response / Shooter Belts are an excellent choice for duty, range work or EDC carry as they provide a high quality support solution for your tactical needs. These belts come with available options of; size, color, lining type and with or without D ring.

Integrated loop is a handy, light weight attachment point for a quick clip item such as keys, lights, gloves or lanyards. NOT to be used as lifting, load bearing attachment point for repelling or extraction. The Integrated velcro loop lining is designed to keep mounted gear secure and in place, producing a worldclass fit.

This belt has NOT been rated or load tested.

Available in 1.75 inch widths.

When buying a belt, it is important to select the correct size based upon an accurate measurement. Your belt size is not the same as your pant or waist size; because your belt goes around you and your pants, tucked in shirt, and your underwear. Your belt size is usually 1 or 2 inches larger than your pant or waist size. G-CODE belts are primarily designed as an outer load bearing belt to carry your holster, magazine carriers, blow-out kit and any other essential items needed. G-CODE belts can also be worn in your belt loops just to hold your pants up. That in mind to get a proper measurement for your belt size using a tape measure, measure around what you will be wearing to determine what size belt you will need in inches. G-CODE Belts are measured by the actual usable length of the belt inside circumference, with a 4 inch adjustment parameter. Example a Large belt inside minimum circumference is 36 inches and can be adjusted out to 40 inches. If your measurement is between 36 and 40 inches you will need a Large.

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