What is a Premium Holster?
In short: a premium holster "works!" No excuses and no surprises. It performs properly over and over, feels comfortable all day and makes you look good doing it. The line of holsters defines premium.

Fit is foundational to function. The fit of the holster line is second to none. The holster design is reverse engineered from a custom, hand- made, hand tuned original reproduction using state of the art CAD and CNC technology.

Features enable performance. holsters have been developed and tested by experienced shooters. As such all designs incorporate nothing less than the best combination of working elements.

Details are the evidence of reliability. Sometimes you just can't explain it, but you can tell by looking. You just know when something can be trusted! It sets the "real thing" apart from the imitation. Attention to details sets apart.

What Else Should You Know?
At Edge Works Manufacturing we understand the seriousness and gravity in your decision. We are well aware that the handgun is an implement of last resort and immediate need. As such we believe that quality is of the utmost importance in regard to performance and ultimately your selection. We are confident that when you have considered all factors, your choice will be .