At Edge-Works Manufacturing, we understand the seriousness and gravity of your decision. As such, we believe that quality is of the utmost importance in regard to performance, and ultimately in your selection. We are confident that when you have considered all factors, your choice will be G-Code.

Thank you for confidence and commitment to our products.

I ordered an Incog Eclipse holster and couldn’t be more pleased. It shipped within the time frame they advertised and what I received was a superbly built holster. The moment I took it out of the packaging it felt well built. When I slid my Glock 19 in it snapped in with perfect retention. Wearing it is comfortable and it really does do a good job holding it towards your body. The draw is fast and reholstering is easy and quick. The ‘tactical fuzz’ is also a really nice touch. I’d highly recommend these guys to anyone thinking about it.

Cory C.
Customer Review

G-Code Holsters entire experience is in a completely different level than the competition. From the initial contact, to customer service, all the way to the end of the purchase was amazing. The products are worth every penny, and minute I waited ; I have a few holsters that are soon getting replaced by G-Code because of the quality and reliability of them. Regular kydex holsters tend to have irregularities, while G-Code holsters are perfect every time, you won’t be disappointed!

Fernando H.
Customer Review

Very pleased with the product that I just received. The wait was long but hey, I’m the one who placed the order knowing the turn around is usually some time. Product is top notch quality and they even tossed in a bag of stickers. Badass guys. You’ve got my business.

Jacob B.
Customer Review

I ordered the RTI holster for my G19 with the DUTY Mount. It took around 7-8 weeks to get, which was disclosed at the time of ordering. I received an email every 2 weeks on the status of my order. Once I received my order I put it to work right away. I can say it was well worth the wait!!! The draw from the holster is incredibly smooth!!!! I paid extra for the Multicam finish, which is a soft tape material. I was skeptical at first, but I have ran it hard and am very impressed. Today I emailed G-Code about another set up and once again, I am very impressed with the timeliness and help I received. I will never buy anything other than G-Code. Thanks for the quality products and professionalism.

Chris W.
Customer Review

Hands down the best holsters on the market. If you actually “use” (train with) your equipment daily, It’s not only important for it to be comfortable. It has to work well. It has to be fast and it has to be safe. I wear mine 365 days a year. After using my set up, I couldn’t imagine going back to anything less.

Shaun W.
Customer Review