Mag Caddy
Mag Caddy

Product Details

The HSP INCOG Holster system enables the addition of the optional Mag Caddy. The Mag Caddy attaches to the holster and allows a GSM series magazine carrier to be incorporated into the system. This spare magazine attachment is intended for those carrying the INCOG in the Appendix carry position. The patent pending Mag Caddy is removable and also allows a range of adjustment. The mag Caddy can be ordered with the INCOG holster or purchased as an add-on here.
If you have a right handed INCOG, you will want to select a right handed Mag Caddy, and if left, choose the left handed mag caddy.
The Mag Caddy comes with the hardware necessary to mount to the INCOG holster. The Mag Caddy also comes with a magazine carrier of your choice.
All Mag Caddy Magazine carriers can be ordered with the same color options as the INCOG Holster.
The Mag Caddy is intended ONLY for use with the INCOG holster system and is not intended for stand alone use, or for use with any other G-Code holster at this time.