Access EDC Tool - Full Loop
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Access EDC Tool - Full Loop

Product Details

Access EDC is an Every-Day Carry tool enabling “touch free” access to commercial doors, touch screens and many other digital-data keying devices. With Access EDC there is no need to touch common area surfaces.  Access EDC is made using U.S. sourced antimicrobial materials that prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from surviving on its surface.  Access EDC attaches easily to a lanyard, key chain, or ID badge holder making it a light weight, high value addition to your EDC loadout. 


Additionally, the solid brass construction is ergonomic, sturdy and can be reliably integrated as an expedient self-defense tool.  A focused strike can be used to create space or to break contact from an attacker.


Available in two grip formats (Access Full Loop and Access EDC ).. the Access EDC is intuitively grasped by any size hand. 


Don’t give up your freedom. Be smart be diligent and be proactive.


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