All G-Code® products are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If ANY G-Code® holster fails for ANY reason, Edge-Works Manufacturing® will repair or replace the hostler – FREE of charge. It’s that simple.

What’s the best way to reach customer service? 

By email, with your order number if you have one at Sometimes we can’t get to the phone, or we are on the other line. Through email, we can keep track of our customer interactions. We can respond with an image, or hyperlink to a solution or product, and you can respond in kind. It works very well. Usually, email response is also the fastest method. If you don’t receive a response during business days within 24-hours, try emailing again.

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 7:30 AM EST to 4:30 PM EST

Closed Saturday and Sunday

When will my order ship? 

Once we have your order, it goes into the queue to be manufactured. We strive to build and ship every order as soon as possible. Custom Orders ship in 10 days or less. In-Stock Orders ship in 1 to 2 business days. However, this is NOT a guarantee – only an estimate! If response is better than expected and order volume is higher than normal lead times could be as much as 2-4 weeks and on rare occasions, even longer. Long lead times are always temporary situations, as we make every effort to adjust what we are doing to meet customer needs. The best way to check your order status is to contact us via email, with your order number. Reach us at

Why is my credit card billed when I place the order? 

G-Code® is a Manufacturer, not a store. Everything we make is paid for up front, built to order, so nothing is “in stock”. As such, when you place an order, you are placing a “Build Order,’ and are paying for the materials to be used upfront. Like Burger King, you can have it your way, but you pay for the burger up front. Most web-stores charge up front and ship later. This is not an uncommon business practice.

What is Tactical Fuzz? 

Tactical Fuzz® is a “suede-like” synthetic outer laminate. This outer layer presents a softer surface that significantly reduces noise during movement, lowers the rigs reflective signature in the IR spectrum, and blends in with the surrounding environment. Tactical Fuzz® has a near 0% water absorption rate and is permanently bonded to the holsters outer surface. Tactical Fuzz® is an available upgrade on ALL G-Code® holsters (except for the SOC Rig) and magazine carriers, as well as select G-Code® accessories.

Do you have a retail store front I can visit or can I have a tour of the factory?

At this time, we do not have any store front area and we do not allow customers to pick up orders for the same reason we do not offer Factory Tours. Our build process is highly confidential and security is a top priority. We hope you understand.

Do you do custom work? 

Due to current high product demand, we just do not have time to do custom, one-off work at this time.

Can I return an item if it doesn’t fit my needs? 

Yes, within 15 days of delivery. Please note there is a standard 15% restocking fee. Contact customer service at for your RMA number.

Can I get my INCOG or ECLIPSE cut to clear my RMR? 

Yes, in most cases. The INCOG, ECLIPSE, and the OSH holsters can be modified to accept most weapons with optics mounted. Once you place your order, send an email to, include a picture of your weapon with the optic mounted, and your invoice number. The INCOG IWB Holster System with the Mag Caddy attached will not support a weapon with an optic mounted.

Can I make a change to an order? 

Yes. However, some change order requests or multiple change order requests can delay your order or even reset the clock on your lead time.

I don’t see the red Kydex holsters, can I order one? 

The Blood Stripe was a very limited special run for the support of the MARSOC Foundation. It was only available for 10 days. We may do another run at some point in the future. Keep an eye on our Facebook for new product announcements.

What is the GHS Holster? 

The GHS is an older holster series that is no longer in production. It was replaced by the OSH, which is a better holster – trust us.

I noticed you don’t have a holster available for my gun. Do you have any plans on making it? 

If it’s not available as an option in a drop-down menu, then no, we don’t have it. G-Code® is looking at adding new firearms to our roster. Adding a gun is a large investment and one that must be made judiciously. We look at customer suggestions, market trends, and work closely with our industry partners. Suggestions such as yours are of course noted and we keep track of these. We greatly appreciate your feedback. The more emails we get concerning a certain gun, the more likely we are to add it to the line up.

There is a problem with my shipment or order

If you have a problem with a shipment or a missing item, you have 20 days from the date of the shipment to contact us, via email at After 20 days of shipment, we can no longer help you.

Can Kydex scratch my gun? 

Over time, you may see wear points on the finish of the firearm. This is the case with all holsters. To minimize this wear and tear,  keep the holster clean, dirt, and dust free. The plastic that the holster is made from is far softer than any of the modern gun finishes. However, when dirt gets between the weapon and the holster it has an abrasive effect. Lining the inside of the holster seems like a solution but every lining we have tried only traps the dirt and makes the effect worse. In addition, nylon fabrics, leather, and suede are all more abrasive by themselves to the gun finishes then just smooth, raw plastic. We recommend not holstering investment class firearms because potential wear and tear can hurt their long-term value. For working class firearms, treat them as a craftsman treats his tools, and expect that with time and use distinctive character marks will begin to show.

Can I get a discount? 

For discounts, keep an eye on our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please note: coupon codes can not be retroactively applied to orders already in the system. Save the code for your next order.

I’m an international customer or dealer. What is the best method of shipping? 

All our International shipping goes via the USPS. Fed Ex or UPS are not options we ship through internationally. If you select Fed Ex or UPS, this will delay your shipping and/or will incur additional charges. Select USPS for prompt international shipping.

Why did you change the look / design / price of an existing product?

At G-Code® unmatched quality and performance is our ethos. We never cease striving for perfection in our products.  As such, we reserve the right to change or modify product designs, materials, specifications and prices without notice.